Friday, February 18, 2005
The Friendster Thingie
A while ago, I was browsing through some of my friend's messages posted on the frinedster bulletin. Something caught my attention. It read: "do not support this movie"

So I was intrigued. I opened the link to that message to see what movie they were talking about. The thought that it might be the last movie that I saw entered my thoughts at first. I really hated the lead actress' performance. She should've studied how to lip sing better.

Moving on... when the page finally loaded, I read what was written. Apparently, it was about this film about Christ being gay. It's called Corpus Christi and before being turned into a movie, it was a play. So I did a little more research on this.
It the play, Jesus is protrayed by a man named Joshua, which is another version of Jesus' name. Joshua is born at a cheap motel and some more crap like that. The rest is based on the bible (such as the miracles, talking to God and other things) except for the fact that he gathered apostles and fucked with them.

Made me think why we shouldn't support this. Of course, we're Christians and being gay is said to be evil in the bible. But if that's the case, shouldn't we feel the same way about Dan Brown's book: "The Da Vinci Code"? The book almost brainwashed everyone who read it (me included). So howcome I didn't hear much about the Catholics and the Christians stopping the release of the book or its publishing? It became a best-seller and was loved by almost everybody who read it worldwide (me included). Some of you may say that it's because Dan Brown's masterpiece is a work of FICTION. And that everything that was supposed to be true in the book, is not true in real life. But don't you think that the play/movie that is being stopped is also a work of FICTION? It may be poorly written, it may be senseless or it may be incompetent, but still, it's a work of FICTION.
Yes, you may even say that the said movie is blasphemous, but isn't the book blasphemous as well? It contained chapters after chapters of fictional fabrication about Jesus' marriage to Mary Magdalene, for crying out loud. So what exactly is the difference?

I'm not saying that we should all let our artistic sides control us and write or do something against the Church and its doctrines. I am, after all, a Catholic and I won't let anybody or anything alter with my faith. But I think we should be more open about things. We should stop being such close-minded followers. Jesus wasn't close-minded. He understood everybody and forgave our sins. So why aren't we following his examples?

Seriously, homophobia's gotta go.


I am complicated.
I don't believe in love. I believe in fucking. It's honest, it's efficient.
You get in and out with a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of bullshit. - Brian Kinney
What do we say about ourselves? Some of us would say good things and the others would do otherwise. We are complex and even if we write down everything we think about ourselves, any amount of paper and ink won't do. Explaining or describing yourself is hard. It's like solving problems but only this time, you actually know what the problem is, and its solution is something that would either shatter you or complete you.