Monday, February 14, 2005
Valentine's Day
My valentine's was what I had anticipated it to be. Finally, I've succumbed to the normal way fo celebrating it- a dinner then a gift. Lord, what was I thinking?
But I can't deny or hide the fact that I enjoyed it. I mean, I was with someone I was in love with. That was what mattered the most. Well, I think...
Aside from this, I managed to make a conclusion out of everything that I had experienced today. I finally realized that people are good at something. I was with my Shadow a while ago at the mall, looking for a perfect gift... and he suggested something that actually worked. I guess the only problem Shadow has right now is his fashion sense.
I was running non-stop for almost how many hours today, and still, I have the strength to make this entry. Not to mention that it's currently 12 in the morning and I still have classes later by 7. This means I only have about 4 to 5 hours to sleep. What exactly am I doing to my body?
"Sleeping late and waking up early is not a good habit. Try to control your sleep. And you must never study the whole night. It's also a bad habit. Sleep, for Christ's sake!" said my cousin Chimi-Nursie when I was at their place a while ago for her sister's and mom's birthday. I know she's right. I must really sleep. But Russell Watson's keeping me awake. Not to mention the beer a had a while ago is also contributing to my nocturnality. Isn't beer supposed to make alter your brain and make you sleep?
Why the heck isn't it working?
Finally, valentines already passed without much disaster. The only bad thing that happened to me today was that the shower room at my school closed before I got there... thanks to my frined, Ferny, for letting me take a bath in his place for my date a while ago. I really should get an apartment or a pad near my school.
But aside from that, I actually observed something this day. Most people take their dates at Max's.
Not that I have anything against Max's. I actually enjoy the food there. But I don't think that's it actually a good idea to spend an intimate evening with someone you love at Max's. I could already imagine myself if I was there. I am having this intimate conversation with this person then suddenly, something catches my attention. It's the restaurant's infamous slogan: "The house that Fried Chicken built". I'm sure I'd burst out laughing.
And if I was with an idiot (which I hope won't happen), the most stupid question that person could ask me would be: "Who is Fried Chicken?" But I don't think there's nobody stupid enough to ask me that question... I hope.
So my advice to all the lovers out there, please don't take your dates or signifacnt other at just some place. You must take that person to THE PLACE. It may not be that expensive, but it shouldn't be really cheap and you should never make your date pay (unless it's the other person who proposed that the two of you should go out). Or better yet, do what my cousin, Sweet Tooth, did when she and her boyfriend was in high school. They split the bill or they pay for the thing they consumed. Not really that romantic, but it's practical enough. After all, they weren't earning yet back then.
But for now, while we wait for another year for another Valentine's day, I need to sleep.


I am complicated.
I don't believe in love. I believe in fucking. It's honest, it's efficient.
You get in and out with a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of bullshit. - Brian Kinney
What do we say about ourselves? Some of us would say good things and the others would do otherwise. We are complex and even if we write down everything we think about ourselves, any amount of paper and ink won't do. Explaining or describing yourself is hard. It's like solving problems but only this time, you actually know what the problem is, and its solution is something that would either shatter you or complete you.